Mission Name Target Mission Rewards Field Special
Beauty's End Venus X 1 Grace Shell, Grace Steel Wailing Plains No
Certainly Clear

Sekhmet X 1

Fallen Chi-You X 1

Chi-You X 1

Aragami Crystal 29 Infernal Subway

5 Minute Time Limit

No Stun Grenades

Gboro-Gboro Panic Gboro-Gboro X 3 Aragami Crystal 30 Church of Memories

Golden Gboro-Gboro or Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blue) will randomly respawn constantly

No Stun Grenades

Blue Blade Dance Caligula X 1 Bahamut Armor, Bahamut Helm City of Mercy Fallen Zygote (Red) and Fallen Zygote (Blue) will appear
Quick Draw Cocoon Maiden X 8 Aragami Crystal 31 Sunken Grid 30 Second Time Limit
Here, Here. Here Cocoon Maiden X 5 Serpent Blaze Horn, Aragami Crystal 32 Infernal Subway Hannibal and Corrosive Hannibal will appear
Snow Dragon's Garden Hannibal X 1 Serpent Soft Steel, Nekkie Ticket Tranquil Temple No
Fallen Vortex Fallen Ouroboros X 1 Lucifer Ingot, Nekkie Ticket Wailing Plains No

Fallen Arda Nova X 1

Yin-Yang Raiment, Nekkie Ticket Aegis No

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